Live Stream of the Hajj, Islamic videos, and More - BYOD



I have a VR Goggles

360Hajj’s vision is to make the Pilgrimage affordable to the millions of muslims and non muslims around the world. Hence for those who already own their virtual reality goggles, we still offer the same quality streaming service and it's 100% compatible with all VR equipment.

How? 360Hajj will provide you with a dedicated account that allows users to watch our daily 360° educational videos on Islam. These videos are commented by highly respected Sheikhs from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Malaysia, Indonesia and India to help us spread the beautiful message of islam.

360Hajj will also let you connect, through social media platforms, with millions of people around the world to share your thoughts about Islam and you will be able to chat with brothers and sisters from all over the globe.

Furthermore, we have support in more than 6 languages.

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